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Infectious Agents to Know - Unit 1

Case Study Teaching in Science

Chapter 1: The Microbial World and You

Lab Safety Exam

Nature of Science Tools:

Science Toolkit

How Science Works Flowchart (simple)

How Science Works Flowchart (complex)

Nature of Science Activities:

Science Knowledge Survey Check Your Answers

Experimental Design Outline Tool

Airplane/Helicopter Experimental Design Activity

Detergent Effectiveness Inquiry Lab

Amount of Water Inquiry Lab

Green Beans Scientific Measurement Lab

Size of the Universe 2 Interactive

Cell Size and Scale Interactive

Coffee to Carbon Size Worksheet

Larger Is Not Always Better Diffusion Lab

Ch. 1 Study Packet

Effectivness of Hand Scrubbing Lab

Aseptic Transfer Technique Practical Rubric


Chapter 2: Chemical Principles I II

Ch. 2 Study Packet

Periodic Table of Videos

3D Interactive Molecules

Explain It With Molecules Interactive

pH Lab - Cabbage Juice Indicator

Red Cabbage pH Scale

McMush Testing for Macromolecules Lab

Enzyme Amylase Action on Starch Lab

Review Guide for Chapters 1 and 2 Exam


Chapter 3: Observing Microorganisms Through a Microscope

Chapter 3 Homework Outline

Ch. 3 Study Packet

Use and Care of the Microscope Lab

Microscope Interactive

Microscope Anatomy Diagram

Microscope Anatomy Activity

Using Proper Microscope Technique Lab

Biological Currency Microscope Lab

Using a Microscope to Determine an Objects Size

Examination of Living Microorganisms Lab

Staining Techniques Interactive

Preparation of Smears and Simple Stains Lab

Human Epidermal Cells Activity

Gram Staining Lab

Negative Staining Lab

Microbiological Tests for Unknown Isolates

Smear Preparation and Simple Staining Practical Rubric

Smear Preparation and Gram Staining Practical Rubric

Negative Staining Practical Rubric

Review Guide for Chapter 3 Exam

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