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Infectious Agents to Know - Unit 4

Chapter 10: Classification of Microorganisms I II

Ch. 10 Study Packet

Cell Size and Scale Interactive

BLAST Genome Database Search Engine


Class Schemes

Dichotomous Keys


Chapter 11: The Prokaryotes: Domains Bacteria and Archaea I

Ch. 11 Study Packet


Chapter 12: The Eukaryotes I II III IV

Chapter 12 Guided Reading

Ch. 12 Study Packet

Yeast Lab

Yeast Cell Permeability Lab

Is Yeast Alive? Lab

Phototrophs Lab

Dissolved Oxygen Lab Ver.1 Ver. 2

Paramecia Behavioral Lab

Protozoa Lab

Comparing the Movements of Protists Lab

Protozoan Dichotomous Key

Investigating Planarian Behavior Lab

Review Guide for Chapters 10 & 12 Exam


Chapter 13: Viruses, Viroids, and Prions I II

Chapter 13 Guided Reading

Ch. 13 Study Packet

Transmission of Viruses Through Body Fluids Lab


Dengue Virus Life Cycle (RNA Virus) or

HIV Life Cycle (Retrovirus) or

Prion Reproduction

Viral Diversity - Virus Toolbox or

Viral Replication

Review Guide for Chapters 13 Exam

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