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Infectious Agents to Know - Unit 6

Chapter 16: Innate Immunity: Nonspecific Defenses of the Host

Chapter 16 Guided Reading

Ch. 16 Study Packet

The Immune System Defender Game


Host Defenses



The Complement System


Chapter 17: Adaptive Immunity: Specific Defenses of the Host

Ch. 17 Study Packet

Herd Immunity Illustration


Antigen Processing

Cell-Mediated Immunity

Humoral Immunity


Chapter 18: Practical Applications of Immunology

Ch. 18 Study Packet

The Blood Typing Game

Blood Group Determination Lab Ver. 1 Ver. 2 Ver. 3


Chapter 19: Disorders Associated with the Immune System I II

Chapter 19 Guided Reading

Ch. 19 Study Packet

Stem Cells Information

HIV/AIDS Research Project

National Institutes of Health Office of AIDS Research

UNAIDS: Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS

A Global View of HIV Infection 2007


Dengue Virus Life Cycle (RNA Virus) or

HIV Life Cycle (Retrovirus) or

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